As a devoted husband, father and grandfather, I write under the pseudonym of William D Batts. Batts being my late grandparent's name. William was my grandfather and Doris was his wife, (the "D" in Batts.)

My stories of dragons, witches, elves and all things mythical are  of fiction and high fantasy, set in an era when man first set sail to explore new lands and view new horizons.

I was born and raised on the Sussex coast, my playground for at least the last fifty years. With my faithful Labrador I scramble through tangled, ancient forests and roam across the rolling, Sussex Downs. Often, as I stare into the distance, I wonder what life would have been like, way back when, when these isles were clad from shore to shore with ancient forests, and before the hand of man exploited and ravaged every earthly treasure.  


Mother Nature and the natural surroundings are my gateway, my portal to inspiration. Despite my age, I imagine how mythical and  fairy tale creatures might have shaped these lands.


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